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Terms and Conditions

This website (eshop.hihippo.com) is designed by Hihippo(hereinafter referred to as "Hihippo", "Company") and is exclusively for customers who use its online shopping service. This website is owned and operated by Hihippo.



If you intend to use Hihippo online shopping service or just want to browse Hihippo's online store or use this website in any other way,please read these terms and conditions carefully before using this website.Your use of this website or any part of this website means that you have read these terms and conditions of use and agree to be bound by them.


1. General terms


1.1 In these terms of use, the following words have the following definitions:


1.1a "Customer" refers to you and all other people who use your login account to use this website.


1.1b "Intellectual Property Rights" refers to all intellectual property rights of any nature,including (but not limited to) patents, designs, trademarks, databases or copyrights, regardless of whether they have been registered or the right to be registered in any way, and includes all such rights The right to apply for registration.


1.1c "Disclaimer" means the disclaimer applicable to the goods sold by Hihippo and the delivery service, as set out in the "Privacy Policy".


1.1d "Login account"refers to the customer's name and password to access this website under the customer's registration.


1.1e "Privacy Policy"refers to the policy adopted by Hihippo on the personal privacy of customers and visitors to this website regarding the processing of personal datacollected from this website, which is set out in the "Privacy Policy".


1.1f "Price" refers to the price of the product on the day of order.


1.1g "Goods" refers toany and all goods offered for sale on this website.


1.2 All goods sold by Hihippo through this website are subject to these terms of use. When you submit an order for processing at Hihippo, you confirm that you have read, understood,and agree to be bound by the terms of use applicable when you submit the order.


1.3 Hihippo has the absolute discretion to refuse any person to register as a customer for any reason, and can terminate any customer's registration.


1.4 The customer agrees to pay for each order made under his login account, and agrees to any claims, losses and damages raised or incurred by any third party as a result of any person using the customer's login account to place any product ordering behavior ,Indemnify Hihippo. Customers are responsible for updating their registration information to Hihippo, including their credit card information. If there is any change in its records or any loss, theft or unauthorized use of its credit card, the customer shall be responsible for notifying his bank.


1.5 Hihippo shall make every effort to satisfy the order placed by the customer through this website, but if Hihippo refuses or fails to satisfy any order for any reason (including supply shortage or supply change), Hihippo shall not be liable to anyone.


1.6 Despite the provisions of Article 1.5 above, Hihippo reserves the right at its absolute discretion to reject any order that it considers to be unreliable based on credit or other reasons.


1.7 Hihippo does not assume any obligation or responsibility for any opinions or information provided by the goods displayed on this website; nor is it liable for any inaccuracy or misrepresentation of any such information.


1.8 Customers enter this website through the use of personal passwords. The company is not responsible for any offline password management. Customers must ensure that their passwords are kept strictly confidential to prevent any unauthorized use. Hihippo shall not bear any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by any third party using the customer's login account to access this website without authorization.


1.9 All orders must be accepted by Hihippo in its absolute discretion and subject to inventory availability.


1.10 The goods and prices displayed on this website are for reference only, and are subject to changes or changes in actual transactions.


1.11 The price includes general delivery costs for delivery. Details about delivery charges are set out in"Delivery and Return".



2. Price


2.1 The company will do its best to ensure that the prices and product specifications displayed on this website are accurate, but the company reserves the right to change the prices and other details of the products without prior notice.


2.2 The prices provided on this website are for online shopping only.


2.3 Not all the sizes,specifications and colors of the goods are exactly the same as the descriptions provided on the Internet. In case of any dispute, Hihippo reserves the right to make the final decision.


2.4 The strike through prices displayed on this website are suggested retail prices, not original prices.



3. Payment


3.1 Shopping on this website can be paid by credit card.


3.2 The company needs to wait for the bank to accept the payment before it starts processing the order. Under normal circumstances, the company will arrange delivery within 3-5 working days after receiving the full payment from the customer. That is to pay first, then ship the goods. For orders that have not been paid in full, our company will not process and retain the goods, and will not assume any responsibility.


3.4 According to different promotions, Hihippo will limit customer payment methods. In case of any dispute, the company reserves the right of final decision.


4. Order


4.1 After the customer makes the payment, the order has been confirmed and entered into the processing state.The processing order cannot be cancelled, and there is no refund.


4.2 According to individual circumstances, the company will handle the customer's request to cancel the order at its discretion, but an administrative fee of $500 per order must be charged.


4.3 After Hihippo has received the full payment for the customer's order, the order can be processed. If the customer fails to pay the full amount of the order within 2 days after placing the order, the system of this website will cancel the order by itself.


4.4 The pictures of the goods displayed on this website may not be exactly the same as the description of the goods. After placing the order and paying, the customer has no right to cancel the order or refund based on the fact that the goods are not exactly the same as the online pictures.



5. Force majeure


5.1 If due to any "force majeure" reasons (including fire, casualties, accidents, natural disasters, natural disasters, any laws, orders, announcements, regulations,requirements or regulations of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government or any of its agencies, strikes, labor disputes) , Labor shortage or skilled worker shortage, goods or raw material shortage or lack of supply,transportation delay or any other reason beyond Hihippo's reasonable control(whether similar to the aforementioned reasons), causing Hihippo to fail to perform its responsibilities under this website , Hihippo shall not be liable for this within the scope of such obstruction.



6. Changes to the terms of use


6.1 Hihippo reserves the right to revise these terms of use at its absolute discretion without prior notice to customers. Customers should review these terms of use before submitting any order. When the customer submits an order, it means that the customer has accepted the applicable terms of use at that time.



7. Governing language


7.1 In the event of any dispute between the Chinese and English versions of these terms of use, the Chinese version shall prevail.



8. Disclaimer


8.1 This website and the content contained in it are provided in accordance with the "status when displayed" criteria. To the extent permitted by law, the company does not make any express or implied representations or guarantees regarding the operation of this website, its contents or goods. The company does not guarantee that this website or emails sent via this website do not contain computer viruses, Trojan horses, worms or other harmful content. The company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the use of this website. If an individual disclaimer or exclusion clause becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the clause shall be deemed severable without affecting the validity and execution of the remaining clauses.


8.2 The information provided on this website is for reference only. To the extent permitted by law, the company has not made any implicit and/or explicit guarantees and will not make statements regarding the accuracy, applicability, applicability or completeness of the information on this website. The company will not be liable for any loss or damages caused by the use or reliance on the information on this website or any other information posted on this website or connected to this website,including but not limited to any errors, errors, Omissions, infringements,defamation, false statements or other information or omissions that can offend or lead to any claim or complaint.


8.3 The company assumes no responsibility or obligation for any errors or omissions in the contents of this website.

For use or access to this website or any performance failure, error, omission, interruption, deletion, lack of shock, operation or transmission delay, computer virus, telecommunication line failure, theft of online transmission information, software or hardware problems (including but not (Limited to data loss or compatibility issues), theft,any damage or injury caused by the destruction or modification of the webpage,whether or not due to logging in or using this webpage or uploading,downloading or recording any data to or from this webpage, The company is not responsible for any breach of contract, tort, negligence or other causes of action directly or indirectly caused by text, images or other materials or materials, and the company will not take any responsibility (to the extent permitted by law).


8.4 By logging in and using this website, you confirm and accept that you are responsible for the use of this website. The company shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental,consequential or punitive damages or damages related to the loss of profits or income arising from the use, login or inability to use this website.


Where any discrepancy arises between the English translation and the original Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.