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Frequently Asked Questions

About Order


Q1. How to find my order?



You can use the order link in our shipping confirmation email or log into Hihippo to check in “My Account”


Q2. How to change or cancel my order?



Please contact Customer Service.


Q3. How to check the Order Number?



The Order Number is located in your order confirmation email.

If you cannot find this email, please check your spam folder, as someemail providers may filter your email.


If you still can't find the number, you can log in to "MyAccount" and select "View Order" to view the order number youare processing.


Q4. Why did I not receive the order or shipping confirmation email?



If you have not received the e-mail related to the order, it may due tosome e-mail providers filter the e-mail as spam. Check the spam folder foremails about the order and make sure to add Hihippo to your safe list.


If you have not received the shipping confirmation, it maybe that yourorder is still being processed. If the processing time is exceeded and yourorder has been shipped, but you have not yet received the shippingconfirmation, please email: eshop@hihippo.com our Customer Service departmentfor inquiries.


Q5. How to calculate delivery charges?



Free delivery with spending over HK$150.We will charge HK$30 in each transaction if the purchased amounts are less thanthis. You will find the delivery charges from the page before you check out.


Q6. Where can I buy Hihippo products?



Please shop at Home (hihippo.com)Or please Liked & Followed our Facebook pageto trace what has been happening lately in the pop-up stores, trade show,featured table at various department stores.




Q7. Are Hihippo water saving products allapproved by HK WSD WELS?



Some of our products have obtained the HKWSD WELS water saving labels & others are under application as the processtakes some time with the government sector.


For details of HK WELS Labels, pleaseclick the following links for details :


Showers for bathing:

WSD - Voluntary Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme on Showers for Bathing


Water Taps:

WSD - Voluntary Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme on Water Taps



Shower Hoses


Q1. What is the materials used on Refresh& Refresh Beauty?


Special, patent pending braiding in thesurface &PE-ULD in the inliner.  Superclean, hygiene and light weighted. The inliner meets the latest German &Switzerland water drinking requirements : KTW, W270 & ACS.



Q2. Why can’t I unscrew my old shower hose?



Years and days accumulation of dirt marks,sands, stones and even rust marks make you difficult to unscrew your old showerhose. Try to wear a plastic glove or use a plier just in case you fail toremove the hose by hand.  Try not todamage the finished surface of the faucet or any part of the products.


Q3. Why my new shower hose has waterleaking?



Please ensure both ends of cones are fullyplugged on with a piece of washer. Or the old washer is damaged or too thin.


Q4. Why my Hihippo shower hose is twistedafter bathing?



Hihippo Refreshand Refresh Beauty shower hoses are with anti-twist feature.  Our anti-twist cone at the end should connectto a hand shower. 


The newupdate is our upcoming facelift version is with 2 anti-twist cones which allowsyou to connect to both hand shower & the faucet. 


Q5. How toclean my Hihippo shower hose?



Hong Kong has relatively high humidity soit is easy to grow mold and encourage the growth of bacteria in the showerhoses.  Try to use a small brush to cleanthe surface of hose with water, avoid bleaching.   


Or you can follow following washing instructionsto wash your Refresh and Refresh Beauty shower hoses:

• washable at 60 °C

• do not wash separately

• wash in laundry bag only

• wash with similar colors

• attach plastics protective caps forwashing

• no liability is accepted for any damageto the drum


Q6. How to save water when using Hihipposhower hose?



You will get a free flow regulator with a flowrate with 9 Litre / min in each of Refresh or Refresh Beauty Shower hose.  If you put the flow regulator connecting toyour faucet, you can help saving water while enjoying a comfort shower bath. 





Q1. How many types of aerators?



1.      Different sizes & different installation methods, please click thefollowing link for information.

冷知識 - 出水咀種類 (hihippo.com)


2.      Different stream pattern.  In ourrange, spray, aerated (comfort), pure (laminar) & Mikado.

3.       Different flow rates. As per HK WSD WELS,Grade 1 to Grade 4.  Grade 1 is the mostwater saving. 

Please click the link as follows.

冷知識 - 出水咀種類 (hihippo.com)


4.      Additional features, like our SSR, Careguard, etc. 

Please visit our eshop for more productdetails or WhatsApp us at 6857 3880 for query.


Q2. How can I know the aerator can be usedon my own faucet?



Majority of the faucets in HK are standardsize (ST) either M24 or M22. 


All our productsin our webpage are standard size & cover the majority. 

Please click the link for details 
冷知識 - 出水咀種類 (hihippo.com)


If you needsomething different, please WhatsApp us at 6857 3880 for query.


Q3. Which type of aerator is effective onwater saving and restricted the growth of bacteria?




Careguard has WELS grade 1 and grade 2label.  The product is with agiontechnology which reducing bacterial reproduction and at the same time watersaving.


Q4. Can we put aerator onto the faucet equippedwith water filter?



For spout mount filter, the installationis to remove the original aerator & then install the filter.  Therefore it is no way to install a newaerator.


For the other type of faucets withfiltration system, please WhatsApp us 6857 3880. 


Q5. Can I use hot water after installingan aerator in my faucet?



Yes. All can withstand 65 Degree Celsiusexcept some of the aerators who only function in cold faucets.


Q6. How can I reduce water splashing?



1.      Pure (Laminar) stream is for least water splashing.  Our choices are Careguard Pure or HC Pure,and more.

2.      In principle, less flow rate less water splashing. Consumers can select Hihippoaerators that could deliver 4 – 7 litres per minute.

3.      Our Smooth Open that could give a very low flow when you turn on thefaucet at the beginning. Please check Hihippo Smooth Open Comfort HK WSD WELS Grade 4 Aerator


Q7. How to identify Male or Female Housing?



Housings have either a female or malethread for screwing them on the faucet spout. They are available in metric andsometimes US thread sizes.


For more details:

冷知識 - 出水咀種類 (hihippo.com)


Q8. How to install an aerator?



Please click on our YouTube channel formore details.


【Hihippo】Install Female and Male Housing - YouTube


Q9. Do you have accessory to unscrew theold aerator our from the faucet?



Years and days accumulation of water dirt,sands, stones and even rust marks make you difficult to unscrew your old showerhose. Try to wear a plastic glove or use a plier just in case you fail toremove the hose by hand.  Try not todamage the finished surface of the faucet or any part of the products.


Q10. How long should I unscrew the old aeratorfor cleaning?



We suggested that you clean your aeratorsin 3-6 months.  That also depends on the waterpurity of residential buildings, flats and apartments in differentdistricts. 


Q11. Are the aerator size universal?



In general, they are M22 or M24.  Please check whether or not the aerator isinstalled with or without an housing. For other exclusive design of faucets, please send your query by WhatsAppto 6857 3880.

Q12. Can SSR model applicable to all types of faucets?


Sorry no. SSR model can be installed onlyfor M22 or M24 with housing in the faucet.


Flow Regulator

Q1. Is the flow rate the same if I put theflow regulator in different hand shower?



In general “yes” but it is also differentin different residential buildings.



Where anydiscrepancy arises between the English translation and the original Chineseversion, the Chinese version shall prevail.